Carolyn A'Hearn Handmade Fine Jewelry

The Idea

My design career began with a focus on storytelling in two-dimensions, gravitating early on towards graphics, printmaking, and drawing. Five years into my professional life I began having visions of shapes and forms that I longed to adorn myself with; that could interact with the body to tell a story off the page. In 2011 I began to experiment with jewelry making.

The discovery that I could take an idea and create a physical piece of art to wear and share with others was a complete paradigm shift in my design practice. I began creating a narrative around the pieces that would become my first collection - imagining my jewelry as artifacts forged in the not too distant future-past found some hundreds of years from now.



The Line

In 2013 I launched my namesake line along with my second collection, a re-imagination of classic shapes inspired by soft intersecting planes, small detritus on city streets, solar eclipses, and subtle optical illusion. 

Carolyn A'Hearn Handmade Fine Jewelry is committed to quality craftsmanship and thoughtful materials sourcing with each piece we produce. 


Made in New York

Currently Carolyn A’Hearn offers fine jewelry as well as bespoke custom wedding and engagement jewelry. Each piece is made in New York City using a blend of old world techniques and cutting edge technology, and enters the world ready to tell its story and the story of those who wear it.